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This blog is all about cooking, different recipes; health tips but it’s also a fusion of
Cooking is like meditation. Meditation is not only about sitting in a silent place with closed eyes.
Meditation can be done through practice of mindfulness, concentration and insight.Well don’t get me wrong I am not here to blog about meditation. Many times, it happens that when we are back from work with all the stressful activities, we are questioned about what to cook or Ohhh!!! I have to cook now. Cooking time can be utilized for practicing mindfulness means being in the present, here and now and relieving our day long stresses. While cooking just be, present during chopping, cleaning without bothering about past and future or office works. Thus, cooking can be a stress buster activity.
Most of the times we just eat ignoring the nutrition value factor. Through this blog we will try to put some innovative, healthy and easy to cook recipes. Hope you all try our recipes & enjoy them!!!!!!!
Thank you and be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Keep Learnings said...

GOOD THOUGHT. In fact if you do not concentrate on cooking and allow your mind to get disturbed by the unpleasant incidents in your job, you will not only spoil the recipe but may injure yourself with distraction of mind.

reema patil said...

cooking has always been a therapy for mind . body and senses... relieves mind of unpleasant thoughts, gives body essential nutrients and stimulates all senses in best ways possible.. keep it up blogger!!

Tri Shakti said...

Very true....Thanks for posting.

Keep Learnings said...

Congratulations for wining Chef of the week and paneer pulao recipe of the day on e-recipe. God bless you all and
hope you will net many more awards in your kitty. Dr Krishnarao Ukey

Tri Shakti said...

Thank You :)

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