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Idli Express: Instant Jawar Rawa Idli

  • How to make Jawar rawa idli:
          In market now-a-days you can find & get the jawar rawa. Just like semolina/rawa it
          is used to make upma,sheera,idlis. This is idli recipe. The recipe is same like instant
          rawa idli (posted already). So,lets see the recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ingredients:
          1. Jawar Rawa  (2 small bowl full)
          2. Oil
          3. Curd/Dahi (100 gms)
          4. Baking Soda/Eno salt (1 tspn)
          5. Salt to taste
          6. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Roast the jawar rawa on medium flame till it is slight brown in color.
          2. After sometime add the curd,salt to taste. Mix well.
          3. Add water to get a proper pouring consistency. It should not be waery.
          4. Add half of the eno salt pouch or add the baking soda & keep the mixture
              aside for 5-10 mins.
          5. If you want you can add cumin,mustard seed & hing powder tempering
              to the batter.
          6. Grease the moulds of the idli plate with oil.
          7. Add two glass of water to the idli steamer.
          8. Pour the batter over the idli mould plate & place it in the steamer.
          9. Keep it on a high flame till you hear water boiling.
         10. Make the flame medium & cook for 15 mins.
         11. Let the steamer cool,take out the idli stand & let it cool.
         12. Using the blunt side of the knife take out the idlis.
         13. Serve with sambar & chutney of your choice.

  • Makes: 12 idlis.

                     Makes these idlis as variety & healthy breakfast. Please do subscribe!!!!!!

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