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Idli Express: Upavasachi Idli/Bhagar Idli

  • How to make Bhagar/Samo Rice Idli:
           While fasting or upvas bhagar/samo rice khichdi is also eaten. Sabudana or Sago
           khichdi is preferred. Sometimes, bhagar is also made. During fast rather than just
           having khichdi you can make idli & have with groundnut/shengdanan chutney.
           Baking soda is also used in this recipe,you can check if baking soda is allowed
           or not during the fasting time & according you can make this idli.

  • Ingredients:
          1. Samo rice/Bhagar (2 small bowl)
          2. Oil
          3. Baking soda (1 small tspn)
          4. Curd/Dahi (about 100 gm)
          5. Salt to taste
          6. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Wash clean the samo rice, add the curd,soda & salt according to taste.
          2. Add water to have a idli like consistency not pouring down through the idli
              mould pores.Keep the batter aside for 10-15 mins.
         3. Grease the idli moulds with oil.
         4. Put the batter over the idli mould plates.
         5. Add about one glass of water in the idli steamer.Place the idli mould plate & cover.
         6. Cook the idli on medium flame for 15-20 mins.
         7. Let the steamer cool to room temperature. Take out the idlis.
         8. Serve the idli with groundnut or coconut chutney.

  • Makes: 12

  •   Notes:
           1. If baking soda cannot be consumed during fast,add only curd & keep the batter
               aside for 20-25 mins.  
           2. If some idlis are left try making its idli fry & let us know how it worked.
               All the best & Thank You!!!!!!!!!

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