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Idli Express: Broken Wheat/Daliya Idli

  •  How to make broken wheat/daliya idli with restaurant style sambar:
          Hi everyone, how are you all doing? I am Prachi here. This recipe was pending 
          from quite a time. I wanted to make restaurant style sambar. It's quite watery
          with pieces of onion,tomatoes & some veggies. I always wondered where is 
          the dal. So, I thought of grinding the soaked dal & making sambar. It turned 
          out to be good. I hope you will try & like this recipe. Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  •  Ingredients:
           1. Broken Wheat/Daliya/Suji (2 small bowl)
           2. Dahi/Curd (about 100 gm)
           3. Baking Soda (1 small tspn)
           4. Salt to taste
           5. Gajar/Carrot pieces
           6. Green peas/Matar
           7. Oil
           8. Tuvar/Tur dal/Pigeon peas (1 small bowl soaked)
           9. Onion (1 no )
          10. Tomato (1 no)
          11. Mustard seeds (1 tspn)
          12. Cumin seeds (1 tspn)
          13. Turmeric powder
          14. Red chilli powder (2 tspn)
          15. Ready-made Sambar powder (2-3 tspn)
          16. Water
          17. Curry leaves
          18. Coriander leaves
          19. Tamarind water (of 1-2 tamarinds)
          20. Asafoetida/Hing powder (1 smal tspn)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Wash & soak the tuvar dal in water for 30 mins.
          2. Side by side start the preparation for idli batter till the dal soaks.
          3. Take the daliya,add the curd,baking soda & salt. Mix well all the 
          4. Add less than a cup of water and make batter to less thin consistency.
          5. Keep this batter aside for 10-15 mins. Soak the 1-2 tamarinds in water.
          6. Grind the tuvar dal to slight coarse.
          7. Heat 1 tblspn of oil in a kadhai. Add mustard,cumin seeds & curry leaves.
          8. Add asafoetida/hing powder. Cut the onion & tomatoes in pieces & add.
          9. Do not cook the onion & tomatoes too much,add turmeric & red chilli
         10. Add salt to taste & cook for 2-3 mins.
         11. Add the grounded dal & mix well all the ingredients.
         12. Add 1-2 cups of water,according to the consistency you want to have.
         13. Add the sambar powder,crush the tamarind in the water to take out all its
               pulp,strain the tamarind water direct into the sambar.
         14. Cook all sambar for 10 mins on medium flame. Garnish with coriander leaves.
         15. Now for idli,add about one glass of water to the idli steamer.
         16. Grease the idli mould plates with oil & place the batter,add some carrot pieces
               & green peas.
         17. Place in the idli steamer,keep it on medium flame. Cook for 15-20 mins.
         18. Once the steamer cools to room temperature,take out the idli.
         19. Serve the steamed daliys idli with hot sambar & enjoy your morning breakfast
                with your family members,friends. 
         20. If you want you can add some vegetables to the sambar.

  • Makes: 12 idlis.



  • Notes:
         1. While making sambar you can also add dry red chillies or green chilly also.
         2. You can add sambar powder more which gives it all the typical aroma &
         3. For the daliya idli add less water so that the daliya is able to bind & does not
             pour down through the idli mould's small pores.
         4. This serves two-three people. Do try the recipe & let us know how it tasted.
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