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Tomato Noodle Soup

  • How to make Tomato Noodle Soup:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Tomato (3-4 no)
          2. Capsicum/Shimla Mirchi (1 small no chopped)
          3. Onion (1 small no chopped)
          4. Hakka Noodles (around 70 gms)
          5. Black pepper seeds powder (1 small tspn)
          6. Red chilli powder to taste
          7. Salt to taste
          8. Cumin seeds/Jeera powder (1 small tspn-optional)
          9. Oil (1 tspn for saute)
         10. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Boil the tomatoes. Once the tomatoes cool down,grind them.
          2. Do not add water while grinding. Make a puree like.
          3. Take some oil,heat it & add the chopped capsicum & onion.
               Saute them & cook for 10 mins & keep aside.
          4. Side by side boil & cook the hakka noodles for 10 mins. Drain out
              the water & keep aside.
          5. Take 1 tspn of oil or less in a container. Add the jeera powder.
          6. Also add red chilli powder & salt to taste.
          7. Add the tomato puree. Add about one or less cup of water.
          8. Add the black pepper powder. Give it boil for 5-8 mins.
          9. Top it up or garnish with the sauteed capsicum & onion.
         10.The tomato noodle soup is ready.

  • Serves: Three.

  • Notes:
          1. You can add water to the soup the way you like it more or less.
          2. This soup is filling. Enjoy this on a nice rainy day or in winters.
          3. You can use some other noodles also.
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