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Ragi Laddu/Nachani Ladoo

  •    How to make Ragi Laddu:


  •  Ingredients:
           1. Finger millet flour/Ragi Atta (2-3 small bowl full)
           2. Powdered Sugar (of 1-1&1/2 small bowl sugar)
           3. Sajuk Tup/Ghee (5-6 spoons)
           4. Almond (10-12 no)
           5. Cashew-nut/Kaju (10-12 no)
           6. Raisins (half of small bowl)
           7. Cardamom seeds (crushed of 2-3 pods)

  •  Preparation & Cooking:
           1. Take 1 tspn of ghee & heat it in a kadhai/container.
           2. Roast the dry fruits in the ghee for 5 mins & keep aside.
           3. Sort the raisins out & grind the almonds & cashew-nuts.
           4. Heat about 5-6 spoons of  ghee in the kadhai. 
           5. Add the ragi atta/finger millet flour to the ghee. Roast the flour
               continuously on medium flame.
           6. Roast the flour till it separates the ghee. Turn off the heat.
           7. Mix the roasted flour,powdered sugar & mixture of almonds,cashew-nuts
               & raisins. Also add the cardamom seeds.
           8. Mix all these ingredients together with a spoon while it is hot.
           9. Don't let this mixture completely cool down,wet your palms with some 
               water & start making round balls by take small portions.
          10. Make the balls while the mixture is still warm. Press between the palms
                nicely ti make a laddu.
          11. Repeat the step & make more laddus. The ragi laddu is ready.
          12. Store in a air tight container.

  • Makes: 18-22.


  • Notes:
         1. You can cut the dry fruits in small pieces & add than grinding them.
         2. Also you can use walnuts.



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