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Mix Dal Pakode

        Hi everyone,apologies. Could not post as we had internet issues with heavy rains 
        last week. Well it's getting hot now here in Navi Mumbai. Let's see today's recipe.   

  • How to make mix dal pakoras/pakode:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Tuvar Dal/Tur dal
          2. Red lentil/Masoor dal
          3. Yellow lentil/Moong dal
          4. Chana dal/Bengal gram
          5. Urad dal/Black gram
          6. Onion (1 no medium chopped)
          7. Green chillies (4-5 no chopped)
          8. Curry leaves (5-6 no chopped)
          9. Red chilli powder (1-2 tspn)
         10. Turmeric powder (1 tspn)
         11. Salt to taste
         12. Jeera/Cumin seeds (1 tspn)
         13. Sesame seed/Til (1 tspn)
         14. Oil for frying
         15. Coriander leaves (chopped)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take all the dals about 1/3 cup. Wash and soak the dals together for 6-7 hrs.
          2. After the soaking, grind the dal,do not make it fine keep it slight coarse.
          3. Heat oil for frying.
          4. Add all the above chopped ingredients to the ground dal mixture.
          5. Add all the above spices & mix all together.
          6. When the oil gets heated. Add a small tspn of oil over the pakora mixture.
          7.  Take a small spoon & add the mixture in form of pakoras or using your hands
                & fingers slowly add the pakoras mixture.
          8. Put the flame high & cook the pakoras. Then keep the flame to medium.
          9. Fry till the color is brownish & take out on a tissue paper to let out the excess
         10. Repeat the step & make more pakoras.
         11. Serve with sauce/ketchup & a nice cup of tea.

  • Serves: Three-Four.

                   Try this recipe & let us know how you liked it. Keep liking,commenting
                    & please do subscribe .

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