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Mix Dal Pakode

        Hi everyone,apologies. Could not post as we had internet issues with heavy rains 
        last week. Well it's getting hot now here in Navi Mumbai. Let's see today's recipe.   

  • How to make mix dal pakoras/pakode:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Tuvar Dal/Tur dal
          2. Red lentil/Masoor dal
          3. Yellow lentil/Moong dal
          4. Chana dal/Bengal gram
          5. Urad dal/Black gram
          6. Onion (1 no medium chopped)
          7. Green chillies (4-5 no chopped)
          8. Curry leaves (5-6 no chopped)
          9. Red chilli powder (1-2 tspn)
         10. Turmeric powder (1 tspn)
         11. Salt to taste
         12. Jeera/Cumin seeds (1 tspn)
         13. Sesame seed/Til (1 tspn)
         14. Oil for frying
         15. Coriander leaves (chopped)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take all the dals about 1/3 cup. Wash and soak the dals together for 6-7 hrs.
          2. After the soaking, grind the dal,do not make it fine keep it slight coarse.
          3. Heat oil for frying.
          4. Add all the above chopped ingredients to the ground dal mixture.
          5. Add all the above spices & mix all together.
          6. When the oil gets heated. Add a small tspn of oil over the pakora mixture.
          7.  Take a small spoon & add the mixture in form of pakoras or using your hands
                & fingers slowly add the pakoras mixture.
          8. Put the flame high & cook the pakoras. Then keep the flame to medium.
          9. Fry till the color is brownish & take out on a tissue paper to let out the excess
         10. Repeat the step & make more pakoras.
         11. Serve with sauce/ketchup & a nice cup of tea.

  • Serves: Three-Four.

                   Try this recipe & let us know how you liked it. Keep liking,commenting
                    & please do subscribe .

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Steamed Momos

  • How to make steamed momos using wheat flour:

  •  Ingredients:
           1. Wheat flour (1-2 small bowl)
           2. Oil (1 tblspn)
           3. Carrot (1 no)
           4. Cabbage (1 small bowl finely chopped)
           5. Onion (1 no )
           6. Ghee/Sajuk tup (1-2 tspn)
           7. Salt to taste
           8. Green chilli (1-2 no chopped)
           9. Water (1 glass)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Finely chop the onion,cabbage,carrot & green chilli. Add salt to taste & keep
          2. Take the wheat flour,add oil & knead to make dough. The dough should not
               be too soft.
          3. Cover up the dough & keep aside for half hour.
          4. The mixture of the finely chopped vegetables will leave out water because
              of the salt & onion.
          5. Squeeze out the water with your hands & ensure it is dry.
          6. Add the ghee/sajuk tup to the vegetable mixture & mix well. The ghee will
              help to bind them together.
          7. Take a lemon size portion of the dough, don't apply the dry wheat flour,roll
               flat to make small roti.
          8. Place one or two tblspn of the veggies mixture on the roti ,pull up the sides
              together & close it like a modak or like a small pouch bag.
          9. Repeat the step & make more momos.
         10. Keep 3-4 glass of water for boiling,grease the strainer with oil & place the
         11. Place the momos strainer over the boiling water,cover & steam cook for
               10-15 mins.
         12. Cook on medium flame,once done switch off,remove from steam & let it cool.
         13. Once the momos cool take them out slowly or the filling might spill out.
         14. The steamed momos are ready. Serve with soup or your favorite sauces.

  • Serves: Two-Three.

  •  Notes:
           1. Before making the small roti beat the dough twice on the flat roller.
           2. You can make the momos in different shapes you want.
           3. Make the roti slight thin.
         During monsoon we usually have  pakoras,try these steamed dumplings with 
         soup or some chilli sauce & Enjoy your rainy evening snacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ragi Laddu/Nachani Ladoo

  •    How to make Ragi Laddu:


  •  Ingredients:
           1. Finger millet flour/Ragi Atta (2-3 small bowl full)
           2. Powdered Sugar (of 1-1&1/2 small bowl sugar)
           3. Sajuk Tup/Ghee (5-6 spoons)
           4. Almond (10-12 no)
           5. Cashew-nut/Kaju (10-12 no)
           6. Raisins (half of small bowl)
           7. Cardamom seeds (crushed of 2-3 pods)

  •  Preparation & Cooking:
           1. Take 1 tspn of ghee & heat it in a kadhai/container.
           2. Roast the dry fruits in the ghee for 5 mins & keep aside.
           3. Sort the raisins out & grind the almonds & cashew-nuts.
           4. Heat about 5-6 spoons of  ghee in the kadhai. 
           5. Add the ragi atta/finger millet flour to the ghee. Roast the flour
               continuously on medium flame.
           6. Roast the flour till it separates the ghee. Turn off the heat.
           7. Mix the roasted flour,powdered sugar & mixture of almonds,cashew-nuts
               & raisins. Also add the cardamom seeds.
           8. Mix all these ingredients together with a spoon while it is hot.
           9. Don't let this mixture completely cool down,wet your palms with some 
               water & start making round balls by take small portions.
          10. Make the balls while the mixture is still warm. Press between the palms
                nicely ti make a laddu.
          11. Repeat the step & make more laddus. The ragi laddu is ready.
          12. Store in a air tight container.

  • Makes: 18-22.


  • Notes:
         1. You can cut the dry fruits in small pieces & add than grinding them.
         2. Also you can use walnuts.



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    Tomato Noodle Soup

    • How to make Tomato Noodle Soup:

    • Ingredients:
              1. Tomato (3-4 no)
              2. Capsicum/Shimla Mirchi (1 small no chopped)
              3. Onion (1 small no chopped)
              4. Hakka Noodles (around 70 gms)
              5. Black pepper seeds powder (1 small tspn)
              6. Red chilli powder to taste
              7. Salt to taste
              8. Cumin seeds/Jeera powder (1 small tspn-optional)
              9. Oil (1 tspn for saute)
             10. Water

    • Preparation & Cooking:
              1. Boil the tomatoes. Once the tomatoes cool down,grind them.
              2. Do not add water while grinding. Make a puree like.
              3. Take some oil,heat it & add the chopped capsicum & onion.
                   Saute them & cook for 10 mins & keep aside.
              4. Side by side boil & cook the hakka noodles for 10 mins. Drain out
                  the water & keep aside.
              5. Take 1 tspn of oil or less in a container. Add the jeera powder.
              6. Also add red chilli powder & salt to taste.
              7. Add the tomato puree. Add about one or less cup of water.
              8. Add the black pepper powder. Give it boil for 5-8 mins.
              9. Top it up or garnish with the sauteed capsicum & onion.
             10.The tomato noodle soup is ready.

    • Serves: Three.

    • Notes:
              1. You can add water to the soup the way you like it more or less.
              2. This soup is filling. Enjoy this on a nice rainy day or in winters.
              3. You can use some other noodles also.
              4. Pls subscribe,like,tick your reaction & comment below.

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    Herbal Tea

    • How to make Herbal Tea:
             Hello everyone, welcome the rains!!!! Tea,Coffee,Soups become very likable during
             monsoon. This is a easy preparation. I got this recipe from my father. I am happy to
             post & this tea is also good if you have cold,cough. Another good thing is the herbs
             are basically from your kitchen garden,easy to grow. 

    •  Ingredients:
               1. Milk (1 cup)
               2. Water (half cup)
               3. Tea leaves/Chaipatti (2 tspn)
               4. Sugar (3 tspn)
               5. Tea grass/Gavati Chaha (1 blade)
               6. Turmeric root/Turmeric powder (1 small tspn)
               7. Ginger (1 inch)
               8. Basil leaves (3-5 no)

    • Preparation & Cooking:
              1. Take the milk and water in a small container.
              2. Add all the above ingredients as in the order.
              3. Boil all the ingredients & let all the ingredients simmer & 
                  cook on medium flame for 10 mins.
              4. Strain into a cup & the tea is ready.

    • Serves: One

    • Notes:
             1. As you can see the long green blades is the tea grass. It grows easily in your
                kitchen. Be careful the leaves are sharp & you might get cut. 
             2. The yellow one is turmeric root. Just like ginger root turmeric root is avilable
                 in market. In marathi it is spelled as ambihalad/olihalad.
             3. Other one is ginger root & we have basil leaves.

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    Lauki Muth

    • How to make lauki muth:
                   Hi everyone, I am Prachi. Hope you all are liking and trying our recipes. In
                   this section we have this snack recipe. This recipe has been sent to us from
                   Boisar. You can try this recipe for breakfast or snack.

    •  Ingredients:
               1. Lauki/Bottle gourd (500 gms)
               2. Oil (for frying 4-5 big spoon)
               3. Rice flour (3-4 cups)
               4. Cumin seed powder/Jeera powder (1-2 tspn)
               5. Red chilli powder (1-2 tspn)
               6. Turmeric powder (1 tspn)
               7. Coriander/Dhania powder (1 tspn)
               8. Salt to taste

    • Preparation & Cooking:
              1. Peel off the lauki/bottle gourd skin. Grate the lauki in a container.
              2. Add the rice flour,cumin seed/red chilli/turmeric/coriander powder.
              3. If you want you can use garam masala in place of the above spice powder.
              4. Add salt according to taste. Mix well all the ingredients.
              5. Mix well & make a dough,add some rice flour if required to make the dough.
              6. Heat the oil in a shallow frying pan or you can also deep fry.
              7. Take a small ball size portion of the dough pat it slight flat in the palms.
              8. Repeat the step & make more.
              9. Once the oil is ready deep or shallow fry the lauki muth by altering medium to
                  high flame.
             10. Serve with chutney or sauce & enjoy.

    • Serves: Five.

    • About the recipe author:
             This recipe has been sent to us by Mr. Manoj Durge. He lives in Boisar. He works
             with a leading energy company.

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    Moong Dal Sheera

    • How to make moong dal sheera:


    • Ingredients:
              1. Moong Dal/Yellow lentil without skin (2 small bowl)
              2. Sugar (2 small bowl)
              3. Sajuk Tup/Ghee/Clarified butter (3-4 big spoon)
              4. Cardamom seeds or powder/Elaichi (of 2-3 pods)
              5. Water (2-3 cups)
              6. Almonds  
              7. Cashewnut/Kaju
              8. Raisins/Manuka
    •  Preparation & Cooking:
               1. Wash & soak the moong dal in water for 5-6 hours.
               2. Grind the dal fine in the mixer,add little water while grinding.
               3. Take 2-3 cups of water & 2 small bowl of sugar in a container & keep
                    it for boiling in order to make the sugar syrup.
               4. Once the sugar dissolves in water while boiling, add 2 tblspn of milk.
               5. The milk added helps to scoop out the dirt layer forming over the sugar
                    syrup. Remove the scum using a strain.
               6. Boil the mixture till we get one thread consistency sugar syrup.
               7. To check the one thread consistency of the syrup take some syrup a spoon,
                    let it fall, tilt the spoon and see if you get thread falling from the spoon.
               8. Once the sugar syrup is ready, keep it aside.
               9. Take a non stick pan/kadhai, add the clarified butter,after it melts add
                    the fine grounded moong dal.
              10. Keep stirring continuously, if required add some more ghee.
              11. Cook till the dal stops sticking the vessel & turns slight golden brown.
              12. Now slowly add the sugar syrup & cook for some time till the sugar syrup is 
                    completely absorbed.
              13. Add the cardamom seeds or powder. 
              14. Garnish with dry fruits & serve hot.

    • Serves: Two- Three.

    • Notes:
              1. As you can see the sheera looks slightly dry, it's because I added less ghee.
              2. Try this recipe & let us know how you liked it.

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    Matar Gajar Poha

    • How to make veg poha:


    • Ingredients:
             1. Jada Poha/Thick beaten rice (about 2&1/2 small bowl)
             2. Onion (1 no medium cut long/lengthwise)
             3. Green chillies (3-4 no chopped)
             4. Potato (1 no cut in small size)
             5. Carrot (1 no medium cut in small size)
             6. Matar/Green peas (half of small bowl)
             7. Oil (1 tblspn)
             8. Mustard seeds (rai)
             9. Cumin seeds (jeera)
            10. Turmeric powder (haldi)
            11. Salt to taste
            12. Coriander leaves to garnish
            13. Curry leaves/Kadipatta (optional)
            14. Lemon (1 no)

    • Preparation & Cooking:
               1. Take 2&1/2 bowl of beaten rice/poha in a broad vessel. Add water clean it
                   and drain the water immediately & completely.
               2. Heat oil in a non-stick kadhai, add mustard & cumin seeds. After the seeds 
                   crackle add the cut potato pieces,saute, cover the lid and cook for 2 mins.
               3. Add the curry leaves,green peas, carrot,onion & chopped green chillies.
                  Saute for 2 mins.
               4. Add turmeric powder about half of small tspn & salt. Mix well.
               5. Add the poha. Mix well all the ingredients. Cover the lid.
               6. Cook the poha for 5-10 mins on medium flame.
               7. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
               8. Serve the matar gajar poha dish with lemon.

    • Servings: Two-Three.
                           Have this colorful healthy poha dish for breakfast. Let us know how
                           you liked it. Tick your reaction below & please subscribe.




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