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Instant Dahi Wada

  • How to make instant dahi wada/bread dahi wada:
         Hi everyone here is another instant & easy to make recipe. This recipe is sent to us by 
         Seema Banait from Nagpur. This is really tasty dish. Do try this recipe, I am sure you 
         will really like it.

  • Ingredients:
          1. Oil (for frying)
          2. Potatoes (2 no boiled)
          3. Bread slices (4 no )
          4. Red chilli powder
          5. Cumin seeds powder
          6. Salt to taste
          7. Sugar to taste
          8. Curd/ Dahi (100-200 gms)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take the curd in a bowl,add the sugar & salt according to taste,churn the 
              curd well.
          2. Also add 1-2 tspn of cumin seeds powder to the curd. Mix well all the ingredients.
          3. Take the boiled potato in a bowl. Add the four bread slices.
          4. Mix the potato & bread together such that a medium size ball can be made.
          5. Fill the kadhai with a quarter of oil & heat the oil.
          6. Make medium size ball of the potato & bread mixture & fry till it slight brownish
              in color.
          7. Repeat the step & make more wadas.
          8. Take the curd mixture in a bowl,place two wadas in the curd & garnish with red 
              chilli powder.
          9. Instant dahi wada is ready to eat.

  • Serves: Two.

  • About the recipe author:
          The author of this recipe is Seema Banait. She lives in Nagpur & has a wonderful
          pet dog. She likes to paint,making different recipes.

  • Notes:
         1. You can use brown/white/wheat-soya bread of your choice.
         2. Keep sending us your recipes to gangofthrees@gmail.com.

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