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Palak Bhhaji

  • How to make Palak Bhhaji:

        Happy Dusshera to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ingredients:
          1. Besan/Chana dal flour (2 small bowl)
          2. Palak/Spinach leaves (half of small bunch)
          3. Ajwain/Thymol seeds
          4. Cumin seeds/Jeera
          5. Turmeric powder
          6. Green chilly (2-3 no)
          7. Salt to taste
          8. Oil (for frying)
          9. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take the chana dal flour in a bowl.
          2. Wash clean the palak/spinach leaves,chop & add to the besan.
          3. Add a small tspn of cumin seeds & ajwain to the mixture.
          4. Add 1 small tspn of turmeric powder,salt to taste. Add water
              slowly & mix to make slight thin batter.
          5. Side by side heat oil for frying. Also add the chopped green chilly.
          6. Test whether the oil is heated by adding a very small portion of the batter.
          7. Add a small tblspn of heated oil over the batter & mix well.
          8. Add the small portions of the batter with the spoon or fingers & make
          9. Turn the flame to medium & fry the bhhaji till it is brownish/golden in 
         10. Cook fry from both the bhhaji completely.
         11. Serve with sauce & enjoy.

  • Serves: Two.


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