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Bhaji (pav) Dosa

  • How to make bhaji dosa:

         Hello blog readers!! I am adding this variety of dosa which you can easily
         make at home & enjoy. Its a dosa with bhaji made for pav bhaji. It really
         turned out well & very tasty. I have already posted pav bhaji,it includes the
         bhaji making procedure. However,here I have tried making the bhaji with a
         different method,as the readymade  pav bhaji masala I had was over. So,I
         decided to make it differently with the available ingredients.
         Here I am sharing this recipe. 

  • Ingredients:
         1. Dosa batter
         2. Cabbage (250 gms)
         3. Tomatoes (3 no)
         4. Potatoes (3 no)
         5. Onion (1 no medium)
         6. Oil 
         7. Mustard seeds
         8. Cumin seeds
         9. Coriander seeds powder
        10. Pepper powder
        11. Turmeric powder
        12. Red chilli powder
        13. Asafoetida/Hing powder
        14. Ginger-garlic paste/wet masala
        15. Salt to taste
        16. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. For the preparation & making of dosa batter see link Sada/Plain Dosa
          2. For making the bhaji,shred the cabbage & wash clean.
          3. Wash the tomatoes,potatoes & cut them. Cut the onion.
          4. Place the above cut vegetables in a pressure cooker. Add 1 tspn of
              pepper powder & 1-2 tspn of coriander seeds powder.
          5. Add less than half cup of water & cook the vegetables on low-medium
              flame for 2 whistles.
          6. Let the vegetables cool down after cooking.
          7. Side by side heat 1 tblspn of oil in a wok/broad vessel. Add mustard &
              cumin seeds.
          8. After the seeds splutter add the garlic-ginger paste & saute for 2 mins.
          9. Add turmeric & red chilli powder,salt to taste & mix well.
         10. Cook the ingredients for 2- 3 mins. Till then with the help of the pav bhaji
               smasher,smash the cooked vegetables.
         11. While smashing the vegetables,you can keep some vegetables as it is
                if you want to have a bite while eating with dosa.
         12. Add the vegetables to the curry & mix well all the ingredients.
         13. Cover the lid & cook for 5-10 mins.
         14. Heat the pan & make sada dosa. While cooking on one side spread the
               bhaji over the dosa.
         15. Add some chopped onions & serve.
         16. Repeat the step & make more dosas. The bhaji dosa is ready.
         17. Serve with chutney.

  • Serves: Four.

  • Notes:
         1. Make it even tastier by adding a dash of lemon juice over the bhaji dosa & 
             fresh coriander leaves.

          Try this dosa rather than having regular masala dosa. It is really filing & tastes
          awesome. Do share your comments with us.

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