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Rava Dhokla/Semolina Steamed Cake

  • How to make Rava Dhokla:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Rava/Semolina (1-2 small bowl)
          2. Curd/Dahi (half of small bowl)
          3. Oil (small tspn)
          4. Cumin seeds
          5. Mustard seeds
          6. Green chilli (1 no)
          7. Curry leaves
          8. Asafoetida/Hing powder
          9. Salt to taste
         10. Garlic-ginger paste (optional)
         11. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
         1. Roast the rava/semolina on a pan on medium flame.
         2. Roast till it becomes  brownish in color.
         3. Let the rava cool for some time.
         4. Add the curd,asafoetida & garlic-ginger paste,salt to taste.
         5. Mix all these ingredients. If required you can add some curd.
         6. As the rava is roasted it will tend to absorb more of the curd.So add
            some water slowly.
        7. Make the batter between thick & thin consistency.
        8. Keep this rava dhokla batter aside for 20-30 mins.
        9. Grease a plate or a bowl with oil. Transfer the batter in the plate or bowl.
       10. Add 1-2 cups of water in the idli steamer or pressure cooker. 
       11. Place the plate/bowl of batter in the steamer/cooker. In case of cooker
             take out the whistle.
       12. Cook on low-medium flame for 15-20 mins.
       13. Till the dhokla cools,prepare the tempering.
       14. For tempering heat oil in a small bowl,add the mustard & cumin seeds,
             green chilli,after it splutters,switch off the flame & add curry leaves.
       15. Spread the tempering all over the dhokla.
       16. Serve with groundnut chutney or sauce or ketchup.

  • Serves: Two.



  • Notes:
        1. Check whether the dhokla is cooked or not by putting a knife in the steamed
            batter. If it comes out clean, the batter is cooked.
        2. Also you can add coriander leaves to garnish the dhoklas & in the tempering
            you can add some dry red chilli if you want.

             Try this rava/semolina dhokla recipe for a change. Let us know how you 
             liked it. Have a happy weekend!!!!!!!!!!!! Pls subscribe our blog for daily
             recipe & some healthy tip updates.

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