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Prawn Curry Recipe

  • How to make prawn curry:
          Hi everyone,how are you all? Prachi here posting another tasty recipe in our guest
          special. This recipe has been sent to us all the way from Hyderabad. Really happy
          to post this first non-veg recipe on our blog. We are grateful to Mrs Laxmi Priya
          Jena for giving her time & sending us this prawn curry recipe.

  • Ingredients:
        1. Prawns  (250 gms)
        2. Tomato (1 no cut)
        3. Coriander leaves
        4. Mustard oil (2 tblspn)
        5. Salt to taste
        6. Turmeric powder (half tspn)
        7. Cumin seeds (half tspn)
        8. Chopped onion (1 no)
        9. Green chilli (1 no)
       10. Red chilli powder (half spoon)
       11. Water (4 cups)

  • Ingredients for wet masala (spices):
          1. Cumin seeds/jeera (1 spoon)
          2. Red dry chilli (5 no)
          3. Ginger (small 1 no)
          4. Garlic cloves (10-12 no)
          5. Onion (4 no chopped)
          6. Cardamom seeds (4 no)
          7. Cinnamon/Dalchini (1 no)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Clean the prawns in water.
          2. Sprinkle some turmeric powder over the prawns and fry in two spoon
              mustard oil till it turns golden brown & keep aside.
          3.Add half spoon jeera/cumin seed to the same oil & after the seeds
             crackle add the chopped onion.
         4. In between grind the ingredients together for the wet masala.
         5. After the onions turn brown,add half of the above wet masala & fry till
             it gets brown.
         6. Add one chopped tomato & one cut green chilli,to it add half spn red
             chilli powder.
         7. After the masala is fried properly,add four cups of water.
         8. After this mixture gets boiled properly add the fried prawns,salt & turmeric.
         9. Cover with lid & cook on medium flame for 20-25 mins.
        10. Check in between while the prawns are getting cooked.
        11. Garnish with coriander leaves & serve with steamed rice.

  • Serves: Four-Five.

  • About the recipe author:
          The author of the recipe is Laxmi Priya Jena. She is a home maker. A very 
          innocent & loving lady.She likes to stay happily with her grandson 
          "Parmarth" in Hyderabad.



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pragati said...

Thanks a lot for posting this recipe.I am very much fond of it and I guess one more potato will add more flavor to the Prawn Curry.

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