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Namkeen Shankarpale (Salty Snack)

  • How to make namkeen shankarpale:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Maida/All purpose flour (1-2 bowl)
          2. Oil ( for frying)
          3. Kalounji
          4. Ajwain/Thymol seeds
          5. Salt to taste
          6. Ghee/Sajuk Tup
          7. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take the maida/all purpose flour in a broad vessel.
          2. Add 2 tspn of ghee,one small tspn of kalounji & ajwain, salt as per
          3. Mix well all the ingredients,add water and make a dough just like for
              making the roti.
          4. Take a small portion of the dough & roll on,make a roti. With help of
               shankarpale cutter cut into rectangular or triangular pieces.
          5. Side by side heat the oil for for frying.
          6. Add the pieces to the oil & fry till it is slight brown in color.
          7. Repeat the step & make the namkeen shankarpale.
          8. After they cool to room temperature store them in a air tight container.

  • Serves: Four.

          This is very good option for snacking when we feel hungry during the day & 
          we want ready to snack on. Also you can serve it to guests or enjoy with your 
          evening tea break. 

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