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Matar Soyabean wadi Pulao/Basmati-Soya Chunks-Green Peas Rice

  • How to make Matar Soyabean Wadi Pulao:

  • Ingredients:
         1. Basmati Rice (2 small bowl)
         2. Soyabean Wadi/Soya Chunks (half of small bowl)
         3. Green Peas /Green Vatana pulse (1 small bowl)
         4. Oil (1-2 tblspn)
         5. Onion (1 no cut long)
         6. Green chilli (2 no chopped)
         7. Black Pepper seeds (6-7 no)
         8. Tej Patta/Bay Leaf (2 no)
         9. Turmeric powder
        10. Red chilli powder
        11. Tomato (1 no cut)
        12. Curry leaves
        13. Mustard seeds
        14. Cumin seeds
        15. Asafoetida/Hing powder
        16. Garam Masala
        17. Salt to taste
        18. Ginger-garlic paste
        19. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Clean the basmati rice. Soak it in water for 15-20 mins.
          2. Heat oil in a broad wok/vessel. Add mustard & cumin seeds.
          3. After the seeds splutter,add the ba leaf & black pepper seeds.
          4. Saute for 2-3 mins. Then add the chopped onion,curry leaves & saute 
              till brown in color.
          5. Add the ginger-garlic paste & saute for 2 mins.
          6. Add the chopped green chillies & turmeric powder,mix well.
          7. Add 1 tspn full of red chilli powder & 1 tspn full of garam masala.
          8. Saute the masala & cook for 3-4 mins.
          9. Add the green peas or soaked green vatana in the curry.
         10. Mix well together,add salt to taste.
         11. Add the basmati rice & mix it. Cover with lid for 1-2 mins.
         12. Add about a cup of water. Let the rice cook.
         13. The rice will soak absorb the water,add water if required.
         14. Check whether the rice is almost 90 percent cooked. Then in the 
                separate vessel,boil water add 1 tspn of salt & add the soya chunks.
         15. Let the soya chunks get cooked. Turn off the heat,drain out the water.
         16. Add cool water & drain,also try to drain out water from the soya chunks.
         17. Add the cooked soya chunks to the rice.
         18. Mix the rice,ingredients & soya chunks togather once.
         19. Cover the lid & cook for 5 mins.
         20. Garnish with coriander leaves.

  • Serves: Two-Three.

  • Notes:
        1. While making pulao try not to mix the rice more than two times as the rice 
            grains tend to break & you won't get nice long grain pulao.
        2. I tried by adding the soya chunks separately. You can add the cooked soya
            chunks in the curry. OR As the soya chunks is cooked separately just saute 
            in small quantity of oil,salt & red chilli powder & then add to the pulao. 
        3. So,do try this recipe & let me know if you tried by sauting the soya chunks


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