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Home made groundnut chikki/Shengdana chikki

  • How to make chikki:
         Groundnut chikki is one of the favourite snack item. While traveling also we like 
         to have it. Well chikki is good for health with the goodness of jaggery & 
         groundnuts. It was an attempt to try & make the chikki at home,which turned out
         successful. It's very easy with only two main ingredients. Lets see the recipe.

  • Ingredients:
          1. Groundnut (1 small bowl)
          2. Jaggery/Guud (2 small bowl)
          3. Sajuk Tup/Ghee (for greasing)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take 2 small bowl full of jaggery in a wok.
          2. Cook the jaggery by heating on low flame.
          3. Take care that once the jaggery starts melting stir in between or else
              it might burn.
          4. Side by side roast the ground nuts on a hot pan.
          5. Take out the outer skin/cover of the ground nuts once cooled.
          6. Now the jaggery is completely molten. Add the roasted groundnut.
          7. Keep a plate ready with greased ghee/sajuk tup.
          8. Spread the jaggery-ground nut mixture over the plate.
          9. Let the chikki cool.
         10. Once it is cooled you can cut in pieces.

  • Serves: Two-Three.

           Usually the chikki that we buy is hard to break. This home made will come out
           softer than the ones' we buy & good bite to eat. Try this recipe you will surely 
           like it. 

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