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  • How to make basundi:

  • Ingredients:
         1. Milk (1 liter)
         2. Sugar (6-7 tspns)
         3. Almonds/Badam (5-6 no)
         4. Cardamom seeds/Elaichi (2 no)
         5. Raisins/Manuka (8-10 no)
         6. Kaju/Cashewnuts (5-6 no)
         7. Dry coconut/Fresh coconut (grated half of small bowl)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take out about a  liter of milk in a braod vessel.
          2. Heat & boil it on low-medium flame.
          3. Boil it till it reduced to half or less than half in quantity.
          4. When it boils a very light almond color like the milk appear.
          5. While the milk continues to boil add the sugar & crushed cardamom 
               seeds & mix.Add more or less sugar as per your choice.
          6. As the milk is reduced turn off the flame.
          7. Add the grated coconut & raisins. Cut the almonds & cashewnuts
             in small pieces.
          8. Add the almonds & cashew-nuts. Mix well all the ingredients.
          9. Serve in a bowl after lunch or dinner.

  • Serves: Three-Four.

  • Note:
        1. If you want you can add some kesar/saffron to the basundi.

                              Try this simple sweet dish & let us know how you liked it.

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