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Palak Paratha

  • How to make palak paratha:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Spinach leaves/Palak (1 small bunch)
          2. Oil 
          3. Cumin seeds
          4. Red chilli powder
          5. Turmeric powder
          6. Salt to taste
          7. Wheat flour
          8. Ragi flour/Nachani (optional)
          9. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Clean the spinach leaves. In a kadhai/wok cook the spinach leaves slightly.
          2. Add 1 tspn of turmeric & red chilli powder & cook the palak for 5-6 mins.
          3. OR if you don't want to cook the spinach you can grind it in a mixer.
          4. Let the cooked spinach/palak cool. Add the cumin seeds & salt to taste.
          5. Add the wheat & ragi flour/nachani to the palak & make a dough.
          6. Take lemon size balls of the palak paratha dough & roll on to make a roti.
          7. Place it on  a heated tava/pan. Cook from one side,flip & spread some oil
              over this side.
          8. Cook the palak roti from both the side. The palak paratha is ready.
          9. Serve hot with the tomato chutney.(see tomato chutney for paratha in papad  
               & chutney category)
         10. Repeat the steps & make more parathas.

  • Serves: Two.

  • Notes:
          1. Along with the wheat flour you can add the jowar or bajri flour also.
          2. Palak paratha is a good lunch box variety for kids.

            Have variety in your breakfast. Try this paratha recipe & share your views with us 
            by posting your comments.

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