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Gulab Jamun

  • How to make soft gulab jamun using GITS ready mix:


  • Ingredients:
         1. Gits gulab jamun mix
         2. Ghee or Sajuk Tup.
         3. Oil for frying
         4. Milk
         5. Sugar 
         6. Water
         7. Almond
         8. Elaichi/Cardamom seeds

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take out the ready mix in a bowl.
          2. Add very little water & mix make dough.
          3. Side by side as per the instructions take 3 cups of water & 2 cups of
          4. Keep the water & sugar mixture on low gas flame to make the sugar syrup.
          5. Add 2-3 spoons of milk in the sugar syrup. The dirt will come off on the 
              sides of the bowl.
          6. Take out the dirt part from sugar syrup.
          7. Once the dough is ready,grease both the hands with ghee take small portion
              of the dough & make small balls.
          8. Every-time while making the balls grease hands with ghee. While making the
              balls see that small crack like is not formed while rolling into balls between 
              both the palms.
          9. Using the ghee while making balls helps to make gulab jamun soft.
         10. The sugar syrup must be ready in 15 mins as it has light golden color.
         11. Heat 4-5 tblspns of oil in a wok/kadhai.
         12. Once the oil is properly heated add the balls & fry them slight dark in color.
         13. After frying the gulab jamuns add them in the sugar syrup directly.
         14. Let the gulab jamuns soak the sugar syrup & increase in size.
         15. Before serving keep the gulab jamuns in the sugar syrup for 4-5 hrs.
         16. Make small long pieces of almonds & sprinkle them over the gulab
         17. Serve the gulab jamuns with sugar syrup & almonds & enjoy.

  • Serves: Four.

  • Notes:
         1. Add the cardamom seeds to the sugar syrup.

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