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Wheat Semolina Kheer/ Gehun Suji Kheer

  • Gehun Suji Kheer :

  • Ingredients:
          1. Wheat semolina (Broken wheat) - (1 small bowl)
          2. Sajuk Tup/Pure Ghee (2-3 tspn)
          3. Almonds/Badam (7-8 no)
          4. Cashew-nuts/Kaju (5-6 no)
          5. Raisins (8-10 no)
          6. Sugar (7-8 tspn)
          7. Milk (1-2 cups)
          8. Dry coconut (1 small piece grated )

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Heat the sajuk tup/pure in a wok/kadhai. Let it melt.
          2. Add the semolina/suji & roast till it is slight brown in color.
          3. Heat the milk say till it is warm in temperature.
          4. Once the semolina is roasted turn off the heat. Let it cool till it is warm in 
          5. Add the milk to the semolina & add the sugar. Mix well.
          6. Cook the kheer. As the semolina cooks, it absorbs the milk so you can add 
               some more milk as required or add some water.
           7. Cook the kheer for 20 mins on low flame.
           8. Cut the almonds & cashew-nuts in pieces.
           9. Add all the the three dry fruits & grated dry coconut. Mix well.
          10. The gehun suji/wheat semolina kheer is ready to serve.

  • Servings: Three-Four.

  • Notes:
          1. This is like a variety of kheer you can make. Good for kids.
          2. You can make it total ghee free. First cook the wheat semolina in water to 
               about 80%. Then add to warm milk with sugar & dry fruits. Thus you can have
               this kheer without ghee also. Good for diet conscious people. 
           3. Try this recipe & share with us how the recipe turned out with ghee & without
                using ghee. Do share by posting your comments how your kids & family 
                members liked it.


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