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Moong Dal Wade (Pakode)

  • How to make moong dal wade (pakode):
          Hi everyone,how are you all doing? Are you all enjoying rainy season? Well it's 
          raining & one of the favorite monsoon snack is pakode with hot tea. Here we are 
          with another guest recipe. I tried this recipe,really we enjoyed it.
           This is easy & no grinding of the moong dal.
           In marathi we usually call the pakode as wade.
           The traditional method of making it is in the wade form(as shown).
           So,here's the recipe.

  • Ingredients:
          1. Oil (for frying)
          2. Moong dal/Yellow split dal (1-2 small bowl)
          3. Curry leaves 
          4. Cumin seeds (jeera)
          5. Ajwain/Ova /Thymol seeds(optional)
          6. Green chillies (4-5 no)
          7. Red chilli powder (1-2 tspn-optional)
          8. Chana dal flour
          9. Turmeric powder 
         10. Coriander leaves 
         11. Onion (1-2 no chopped)
         12. Salt to taste
         13. Garlic-ginger paste

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Clean the moong dal & soak for 3-4 hours.
          2. Drain out the soaked water. Chop the onion & green chillies.
          3. Add the chopped onion & green chillies,also add chopped curry & 
              coriander leaves.
          4. Add some red chilli powder,turmeric powder,salt to taste,garlic-ginger 
              paste,1 small tspn of ajwain & cumin seeds.
          5. Mix all the masala & moong dal together,add 2-3 tblpsn of chana dal flour.
          6. Mix the mixture with chana dal flour,& check if all the ingredients are bound 
          7. We are using chana dal flour for binding. Check if all the mixture has bound 
               & a pakoda or wada can be formed.
          8. Heat oil for frying in a broad vessel. Grease your fingers with little oil & place
              the mixture By pressing with other hand fingers make the circular wada.
          9. Check whether the oil is heated first by adding a small piece of the mixture.
         10. Once checked,add the wada & fry from both the sides till it is golden-brownish
               in color.
         11. Repeat the step & make more wadas.
         12. Serve the moong dal wade with sauce or dahi dip see the link under Guest
               Special or refer Curd dip/Dahi Dip

  • Serves: Two-Three

  • About the recipe author:
         The author of this recipe is Mrs Kusum Chavan. She lives in Patur,Akola district,
          Maharashtra. She is a home maker,has two sons & two daughters. This is one of
          favorite dish of her family members.


           Try this recipe & enjoy with your family members. Do share your comments with us.
           Keep sending your favorite recipes to us on our email address that is

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