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Chole Bhature

  • How to make chole bhature:

  • Ingredients:
    • For chole sabji
                    See Chole sabji in the Sabji/Curry Rcps or click the link
                   Kabuli Chana Curry/Chole ki Sabji

    • For Bhatura
                   1. Maida (All purpose flour) (2 small bowls)
                   2. Curd/Dahi (3-4 tspn)
                   3. Oil ( for frying)/(1-2 tspn for dough)
                   4. Salt to taste
                   5. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:

          1. Take 2-3 small bowls of maida/all purpose flour.
          2. Add the curd and oil. Either heat oil and add or without heating the oil.
          3. Add salt to taste and slowly add water to knead the dough to slight soft.
          4. Wet a muslin cloth and cover the bhatura dough with the wet cloth for 1 hour.
          5. After 1 hr, the dough must have become soft.
          6. Heat oil in a kadhai for deep frying the bhatura roti.
          7. For making the bhatura roti, take small or lemon size ball of the dough,sprinkle
              some maida/all purpose flour or wheat flour.
          8. Roll to make roti,make it slight thick or between thin & thick.
          9. Avoid to make thin roti as, spread the roti evenly so that it will rise while
         10. Place the roti in the heated oil,fry from one side for sometime.
         11. Invert the bhatura,place the frying big spoon on the bhatura,as it rises.
         12. Take the bhatura on the big spoon,drain oil and place on a tissue paper.
         13. If you want to make small bhaturas you can make small also.
         14. The chole bhature is ready. Enjoy your snack.

  • Servings: Six to Seven.


                Try this recipe & enjoy with your family. Do share your views by posting your comments.


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