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Papad Cone

  • How to make papad cone:

  • Ingredients:
         1. Papad
         2. Corn kernels (1/2 small bowl)
         3. Sev 
         4. Onion (1 no chopped)
         5. Tomato (1 no chopped)
         6. Lemon juice
         7. Salt to taste
         8. Green chilli or red chilli powder

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take the corn kernels,chopped onion & tomato,add one chopped green chilli
              or red chilli powder to taste.
          2. Add salt to taste & lemon juice, mix well all the ingredients.
          3. The filing for the papad cone is ready.
          4. Cut the papad into two halves.
          5. Roast it slowly from the sides little bit, remove from the heat & fold the ends
              slowly to make a cone.
          6. Repeat the procedure for the other half & some papads & make cones.
          7. Microwave roast all the cones for 1 min or roast slowly & carefully on the
              low gas flame with a holder.
          8. Thus the papad cone is ready.
          9. Fill the corn filing and top up with sev & enjoy.

  • Servings: 10

  • Different filing that you can try:
         1. Dahi/Curd boondi mixture.
         2. Cooked potato with onion & tomato with sev.
         3. Corn with sprouts,onion & tomato with sev.
         4. Sprout filing with sev see link Sprouty matki snack

  • Notes:
         1. While folding and making the cone be careful as you remove it from the heat,its
              hot to handle.
         2. So try this papad cone snack,enjoy also you can make & serve for your home
             parties or kitty parties.

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