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Chicken Soup (Broth based)

  • How to make broth based chicken soup:
               Hi everyone, I am Prachi. Hope you all are trying some of our recipes and  
               enjoying our blog. Well I am not a non-veg recipe expert. But, here I am to 
               share this recipe.When I had gone to my maternal grandparents' place. My 
                aunt was about to make spicy chicken curry for us. She first pressure cooked  
                the chicken pieces.After it was cooked she gave me the water in which the  
                chicken was cooked with salt.  I had it hot in a small cup. So I thought of   
                giving some twist to this and here's the broth based chicken soup. 

  • Ingredients:
          1. Chicken (250 or 500 gm)
          2. Oil (1 tspn)
          3. Turmeric powder (1-2 tspn)
          4. Red chilli powder (2-3 tspn)
          5. Pepper powder 
          6. Onion (1 no chopped)
          7. Capsicum/Shimla Mirch (1 no chopped)
          8. Salt to taste.
          9. Water (1-2 cup)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Whenever you are making any chicken dish you can make this soup.
          2. After cleaning the chicken pieces,place them in the cooker,add turmeric 
             powder and chilli powder.
          3. Add water and cook the chicken pieces for about 3-4 whistles.
          4. After cooling take out the water/broth of the cooked chicken and keep the
              cooked pieces aside.
          5. Your chicken broth is ready.
          6. Take a broad vessel, add 1 tspn of oil,add the chicken broth,add salt to taste.
          7. Side by side take some chicken pieces chop it slightly. In a wok heat 2 tspn
              of oil.
          8. Add the chopped chicken pieces,onion & capsicum. Stir fry to slight brown.
          9. After it is stir fried, add to the chicken broth give it a boil for 5 mins.
         10. Remove from heat,add pepper powder and serve.
         11. The broth based chicken soup is ready. 

  • Serves: Two-Three.

       Try this chicken soup recipe and let us know how you liked it by posting your comments.



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