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Mix Sprout Pakoda

  • How to make mix sprout pakoda:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Matki/Moath beans (1/4 small bowl)
          2. Hara Moong/Whole green gram (1/4  small bowl)
          3. Green Vatana/Peas (1/4 small bowl)
          4. Kala Chana/Black gram (1/4 small bowl)
          5. Onion (1 no chopped)
          6. Green chillies (1-2 no chopped)
          7. Bengal gram flour/chana dal flour/besan
          8. Red chilli powder (1 tspn)
          9. Salt to taste
         10. Rice flour
         11. Curry leaves/Kadipatta
         12. Oil (for frying)
         13. Cumin seeds (jeera)

  • Preparation & Cooking: 
         1. Soak all the legumes or pulses for 5-6 hrs,drain & keep it overnight to sprout.
         2. Grind the mix sprout together. While grinding do not add water & grind it
              coarsely,just two times grind.
         3. Add about 1 tspn of besan/chana dal flour & 1 tspn of rice  flour for binding.
             Add more if required for binding.
         4. Add the chopped onion,green chillies,curry leaves. Add the red chilli powder
            cumin seeds & salt to taste. Mix all the ingredients.
         5. Heat oil in a kadhai, to test heated oil before frying just add just add little part
             of mix sprout pakoda mixture.
         6. Take half tspn of the heated oil and sprinkle over the mix sprout mixture & mix
         7. With the small spoon or by hand add the mix sprout mix in the form of pakodas.
              Fry till it is golden brownish on low-medium flame.
         8. While frying let one side get fried or cooked. Then with the spatula slowly add the
             oil in the kadhai over the pakoda, then turn it over do that it is all properly fried
             cooked with golden brownish color.
         9. Serve the garama garam mix sprout pakoda with tomato sauce & a nice cup of tea.

  • Serves:  Three-Four

                    Try this pakoda recipe and post your comments how you liked it!!!!!!!

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