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Mango Flavour Ice-Cream

  • Mango Flavour Ice-Cream:


  • Ingredients:
         1. Milk (500 ml)
         2. White bread (1-2 slice)
         3. Ice-cream  mix/powder (1-2 tspn)
         4. Mango (half pulp)
         5. Sugar (optional)

  • Preparation:
          1. Boil half litre of milk, remove brown portion of the white bread, crumble the bread
              and add to the boiling milk.
          2. Add about 2 tspn of the ice-cream mix/powder and stir continuously till it dissolves.
          3. Turn off the heat,let it cool to room temperature.
          4. After cooling grind the mixture and store in the freezer till it is semi-solid.
          5. Take out pulp of the mango and the semi-solid ice cream mixture and grind the
             pulp & mix together.
          6. Take out the mix in a bowl and cut the mango pulp into small pieces and
              add to the mix.
          7. Place the ice-cream mixture in the freezer  for 5-6 hrs or depending upon how
             much  time your freezer takes.
          8. Voila the mango ice-cream is ready to eat.

  • Servings: Three


  •    Notes:
           1. While grinding second time you can taste the mix and add sugar if required.
           2. Adding small pulp pieces to the mix imparts extra flavour to the ice-cream.

        Make this ice cream at home and post your comments how you liked it. Enjoy!!!!!
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