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Hot milk Chocolate

  • How to make hot milk chocolate:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Milk (1 glass)
          2. Chocolates (4-5 pieces)
          3. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
         1. Heat water in a broad vessel for hot water bath.
         2. In a small vessel place the chocolate pieces. Place this small vessel in the hot
             water bath.
         3. Let the chocolate melt. Be careful do not let the water from the hot water bath
             enter the small vessel containing chocolate.
         4. Heat about 1 glass of milk. Let the melted chocolate cool till room temperature.
         5. Add the hot milk in the melted chocolate and mix well.
         6. Mix till all of the chocolate dissolves in the milk.
         7. Your hot chocolate milk drink is ready. 

  • Servings: OneTwo

  • Nutritional value per serving:
        1. Total Carbs - 12.7 gm
        2. Protein - 8.6 gm
        3. Fat - 9.5 gm
        4. Dietary Fiber - 0 gm
        5. Energy - 169 calories

         Try this recipe and let us know how you liked it. I am sure you will like and enjoy 
          this milk chocolaty drink!!!!!!!

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