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Grilled Sandwich

  • How to make grilled sandwich:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Brown bread/White bread
          2. Onion
          3. Tomato
          4. Cucumber
          5. Pepper powder
          6. Curry leaves/kadipatta chutney-see link Curry leaves chutney/Kadipatta chutney
          7. Tomato ketchup

  • Preparation:
         1. Cut a bread piece diagonally into two slices.
         2. In microwave grill the two slices for 1-2 mins or heat a pan and place the
             bread slices and cook it or heat one side of the bread till it is little toast like.
         3. Take the toasted slices, on one slice spread the curry leaves chutney & spread
             the tomato ketchup on one slice.
         4. Cut the onion,tomato & cucumber cross section to get round cut slices.
         5. Place the onion,tomato & cucumber on one slice, sprinkle the pepper powder
             over the slices.
         6. Place the other slice over this one & your sandwich is ready to eat.
         7. Try this sandwich with curry leaves chutney, you will surely like it.
         8. Repeat the steps for making more sandwiches with rest of the bread pieces.

  • Servings: Six-Seven

  • Nutrition value per serving:
        1. Energy - 41 calories
        2. Total Carbs - 8.1 gms
        3. Protein - 1.6 gm
        4. Dietary Fiber - 1.7 gm
        5. Fat - 0.3 gms

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