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Bread Chocolate Pastry/Cake

  • Bread Chocolate Pastry/Cake:

  • Ingredients:
          1. White bread
          2. Chocolate syrup
          3. Chocolates
          4. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Take two bread pieces and cut them diagonally and remove the brown portion
              of the bread.
          2. Dip the 4 bread slices in the chocolate syrup and place on one another.
          3. In a broad vessel heat water for hot water bath, in a small vessel,cut and place
              the chocolate pieces.
         4. Place the small vessel over the hot water bath and melt the chocolates.
         5. Be careful while melting the chocolate and do not let the water inside the small 
             vessel containing chocolate.
         6. We don't want the chocolate to melt like syrup consistency.
         7. The chocolate should melt even on order to spread.
         8. After the chocolate is melted, after 2-3 mins using a knife spread the melted 
             chocolate over the top of the slice.
         9. Take out some refrigerated chocolate and peel it to get small grate pieces
             of chocolate. Refrigerated because while I was making this I had already grated
             the pieces to add at the top, due to temp it melted.
       10. Over the chocolate spread add the grated pieces of the chocolate.
       11. The bread chocolate pastry/cake is ready to eat.

  • Servings: As this is sweet so the piece shown in the pic actually serves two.

  • Nutrition value per serving:
         1. Energy - 485 calories
         2. Total carbs - 71.4 gm
         3. Dietary Fibre - 5.7 gm
         4. Sugars - 55.5 gm
         5. Protein - 4.8 gm
         6. Sat fat - 15.1 gm

  I like chocolates and chocolate syrup. This recipe is for all the pastry and chocolate lovers.
  Try this recipe enjoy it and don't forget to tick your reactions below and post your
  comments please!!!!!!!!!!!

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pragati said...

As my husband likes chocolates and pastry very much;I would like to prepare different types of pastries especially the black forest one which should be easy to make and good to eat.

Sonali Chavan said...


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