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Wheat Suji/Dalia/Lapsi

  • Sweet Lapsi/Wheat Suji
         Wheat Suji/lapsi is grounded/broken form of wheat grains. It is easy to digest. It can 
         be good food for kids as well as adults.

          Here is a recipe of sweet lapsi just like we make rava (semolina) sheera:


           1. Lapsi (1 small bowl) (Take 2 times)
           2. Sugar (4-5 tablespoon)
           3. Salt (optional)
           4. Sajuk tup/ Pure ghee (2 tablespoon)
           5. Water (1 glass)


           Preparation & Cooking:
           1. Place your kadhai on the heat stove and add the sajuk tup/pure ghee.
           2. After the ghee melts add the lapsi and roast it for sometime on low flame.
           3. Side by side heat one glass of water till it is lukewarm.
           4. After it becomes little brown turn off the kadhai flame and
            add the lukewarm water to it.
           5. Turn on the heat of the kadhai and add sugar.
           6. Place the lid and let it cook for 15 to 20 minutes.
           7. Add dry fruits of your choice like raisins, almonds, kaju etc
           8. Thus, the sweet lapsi is ready to eat.
           Servings: Three - Four

     Below are the pics for the recipe of sweet lapsi.



  • Nutrition value per a small bowl
          Energy - 760 calories
          Carbs - 106 gm
          Fat - 30 gm
          Protein - 12 gm
          Sugar - 56 gm
  •   Notes:
            1. After adding sugar you can add a pinch of salt as it will impart different taste.
            2. The lapsi that we get in the market is of different grain size the one I have is
                coarse so it takes a little bit of more time to cook and sometimes you might have 
                 to add more water.
            3. Also I prefer to add less amount of sugar because if it is less sweet you
                can eat more as a breakfast dish and it is good for people on diet.
            4. I like it non sticky so roasting in the beginning helps, as well as you will have
               to add water in small quantities say for 2-3 times to avoid sticking.


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