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Sada Dosa/Plain Dosa

  • Sada Dosa/Plain Dosa:

  • Ingredients:
          1. Rice grains (2 small bowl)
          2. Urad Dal (1 small bowl)
          3. Fenugreek seeds/methi dana
          4. Thick Poha/Jada Poha
          5. Oil
          6. Salt to taste
          7. Water

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Clean the urad dal and soak in water. Add  some half teaspoon of methi dana
               /fenugreek seeds to the urad dal. Soak them for 5-6 hrs.
          2. Clean the rice grains and soak them for 4-5 hrs.
          3. After soaking,  grind the urad dal add water to make fine paste.
          4. Before grinding the rice grains,clean the jada poha and soak with rice grains
             for 15 mins.
         5. Grind the rice grain poha mixture & add water to make fine paste.
         6. Mix the urad dal and rice grain paste together in a broad vessel and let
             it ferment overnight.
         7. After fermenting the batter will rise add salt, add water if the batter is too thick
             to attain proper dosa consistency.
         8. Place your non-stick pan on the heat stove, spread some oil initially.
         9. Pour a ladelful of the batter and spread using circular motion to make a
             thin dosa.
        10. After spreading increase the flame to high for 1 min.
        11. Add some oil using  a small spoon on the sides, decrease the flame to low
             and cover the dosa with a plate, cook for 2-3 mins on one side.
        12. Check the side till it is brownish color & remove from heat.
        13. Serve the crispy tasty dosa with coconut chutney.
        14. Repeat with remaining batter to make more dosas.

  • Servings: Ten-Twelve.

            Below are the pictures for the recipe of sada dosa:

  • Notes:
                   1. Adding fenugreek/methi seeds is good for  health as well as it will lessen the
                       typical fermented smell batter. Once you start making dosas it will impart
                       a different aroma.

                       So, make dosas and enjoy your breakfast!!!



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