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Khatti Puri

  • Khatti Puri:

  •  Ingredients:
           1. Wheat Flour
           2. Raw Mango Chutney (see-Papad & Chutneys-avoid adding jaggery)
           3. Cumin seeds (jeera)
           4. Oil for frying

  • Preparation & Cooking:
          1. Make the raw mango chutney see link - Raw Mango Chutney  but do not add
              jaggery,as it will become sweet and sour in taste. Some amount of sugar can be
          2. Take about 2 cups of wheat flour, add the raw mango chutney & cumin seeds to it
              and knead into a dough. Use water only if required while kneading.
          3. Now take a lemon size ball and roll and make roti.
          4. Take the steel small bowl with little sharp edge place on the roti and cut out the
              center portion of the roti in a small round shape for making puris.
          5. Take & heat oil in a kadhai such that puri gets immersed. Add the puri as it starts 
              to fry it rises.
          6. Keep the frying spoon as a weight on the puri so that it is round and puff
              and rises.
          7. Fry the puri from both the sides and serve hot.
          8. Repeat the step 4 and make more puris.

  • Serves: Three-Four
                   Below are the pictures for the recipe of khatti puri:

                                     Try this recipe and let us know how you liked it :) :) :)


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