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Home made paneer

  • How to make paneer at home

  • Ingredients:
         1. Milk (1 litre)
         2. Lemon juice (1 no lemon)

  • Preparation & Cooking:
         1. Boil about one litre of milk.
         2. Squeeze out juice of one lemon and take out the seeds.
         3. When the milk starts boiling,keep the flame low and add the lemon
         4. Keep stirring continuously till the milk curdles.
         5. After the milk curdles,water and curdled part separates,switch off flame.
         6. Let it cool for sometime. Take a clean cheese or muslin cloth and keep
             it on the strainer,wet it little bit for ease of straining the curdled milk.
         7. Pour all of the curdled milk slowly and completely in the strainer.
         8. Tie a tight knot of the cloth and let the water drain out completely
             for 30 mins.
         9. To get the slab shape (like the market) keep it under some weight and let
             the water drain out completely.
        10. Keep in the refrigerator, after refrigeration the paneer is ready to eat
              next day.
        11. Cut in small pieces next day. Consume the paneer in 2-3 days.
        12. If you keep it hanging and  refrigerate a small ball kind of shape
              is formed.

  • Servings: Two

             Below are the pictures for the preparation of paneer:

  • Notes:
         1. In place of lemon juice, curd can also be used. Keep on adding the curd by
             spoon till it curdles.

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