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Beetroot & Raw Mango Drink

  • A Beet to Aam Panna/Raw Mango Drink

  • Ingredients:
          1. Raw Mangoes ( 3 no)
          2. Beetroot (1no medium )
          3. Sugar (1 cup)
          4. Water (1& half cup)
          5. Elaichi (4-5 green cardamom seeds)

  • Preparation & Cooking
          1. Peel off the raw mangoes and the beetroot.
          2. Cut the mangoes and beetroot in small to medium pieces.
          3. Heat 1 cup of water and put the cut mango pieces, cook for 3 mins.
          4. Separately, heat half cup of water and add the beetroot pieces
              cook for 5 mins.
          5. Cool them separately.
          6. Till it cools, prepare concentrated sugar syrup.
          7. Add & heat 1 & half cup of water and 1 small bowl sugar.
          8. Cook the syrup till it is of one thread consistency.
          9. Grind the cooked mangoes and beetroot separately without adding
              water (like puree). Add water in small qty only if it is required.
         10. Now mix the two purees and the sugar syrup together.
         11. Crush 4-5 elaichi seeds and add to the mixture.
         12. Avoid adding water to the mixture as it must be in concentrated form.
  •  Checking the one thread consistency for sugar syrup
            1. Those who are making syrup for the first time will have to be patient.
            2. After 15 mins check by taking little of syrup on the index fingertip and pull
                out with the thumb, try to observe a thread.
            3. In between try with the technique no 2, if a small thread is forming it means
                the one thread consistency sugar syrup is ready.

  • Preparing the drink
           1. Store the mixture which is in the concentrated form in a plastic bottle
                in the refrigerator.
           2. For drinking take about 2-3 tblspn of the mixture in the glass, add cold 
               water and enjoy the drink. Also it can be served to guests with crushed ice.
           3. When refrigerated the shelf life of the mixture is around 8-10 days.
   Below are the pics for the beetroot & raw mango drink.

  • Notes:
          1. The beetroot can be ground coarsely or some small chunks can always
              be kept just to eat/chew while drinking.

  • Nutrition value per serving:
        1. Energy - 142 calories
        2. Total Carbs - 35.9 gm
        3. Protein - 1 gm
        4. Fat - 0.4 gm
        5. Dietary Fiber - 1.9 gm
        6. Sugars - 33.9 gm

   So, try out this refreshing drink, its healthy than the other aerated drinks.Let us know
    how you liked it and cheers!!!!!!!!!!


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